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Ella Durham

Lessons in Gardening

1 min read

We have pet rabbits. Many of them. We've been feeding them well with the bounty of our garden. They've feasted on beans, peas, peppers, melon vines, and sunflowers. They must not be fans of tomatoes, corn, and squash. This is pretty much all they have left untouched. They are adorable, but since they've leveled the veggies we might have to opt for rabbit for dinner instead.

This is the first year I've undertaken a gardening endeavor of this size and extent. I started seeds, built beds, and established a compost. I set out to learn about the layout of the garden, challenges and advantages of the site, my own limitations, etc. It's definitely already been a year of lessons, and they'll continue into the fall as I try my hand at winter gardening.